The CW has announced that it will air reruns of CBS’s one-season vampire wonder Moonlight on Thursdays this summer starting June 3, following repeats of The Vampire Diaries. My first thought: Is this to help Alex O’Loughlin nab some more fans in anticipation of CBS picking up his Hawaii Five-O pilot for its fall schedule, or to give The Vampire Diaries an opportunity to win over some Moonlight fans who’ve yet to tune in? Or both?

Either way, it works for me. It’s obviously a nice pairing — Mick (O’Loughlin) is like the best of both Salvatore brothers, with Damon’s charisma and Stefan’s humanity. Plus, it’s gotJason Dohring, whom CW fans know and love from Veronica Mars. Moonlight wasn’t without unanswered questions when it was canceled, but you do get some kind of resolution to the all-important romance arc at the end of the 16 episodes. And it’s well-timed: Summer just feels right for totally gratuitous scenes of a shirtless vampire, particularly when people will be talking about the June 13 return of True Blood and the June 30 release of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Work for you?

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