May 07, 2010 at 08:43 PM EDT

Image Credit: Mathew Imaging/WireImage.comIn case you didn’t see the news as reported on Deadline yesterday, Kristen Wiig has optioned Monica Drake’s 2007 novel Clown Girl, which follows a clown who “tries to resist the potentially lucrative prostitution trade involving clown fetishists.” Okay, first of all, let’s address the elephant in the room: This sounds bananas. (And strangely intriguing, right?) But add this new project to the actress’ untitled bridesmaid-centric film — and the upcoming MacGruber — and it seems Wiig is on schedule to transform herself from Saturday Night Live player to big-screen A-lister.

I know that many of you are reacting to this statement with a giant “Ugh.” After all, you don’t have to look hard for Wiig detractors — take a peek at the comment board attached to any of Ken Tucker’s Saturday Night Live recaps, and it’s obvious plenty of viewers have grown tired of Wiig and the outlandish characters that made her famous on the NBC show. (Target Lady, Gilly, and Penelope, to name just a few.)

If you ask me, film has been a medium in which Wiig has shined. Out of the SNL confines, Wiig has been able to stretch past larger-than-life characters, and do what she does best: play understated. Remember waaay back in 2007, when Wiig stole Knocked Up after just a few minutes on-screen? And though many of you didn’t see Whip It, the actress managed to cradle serious and silly, turning a secondary character named “Maggie Mayhem” into a graceful, relatable scene-stealer. To me, Wiig should take a page from fellow SNL vet, Adam Sandler. After all, the comedian has proven that restrained (The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy, and yes, even Happy Gilmore fits here) hits far better than off-the-wall (Little Nicky, The Waterboy).

Do you see Wiig becoming a big-screen A-lister, PopWatchers?

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