Iron Man 2, Robert Downey Jr.
Credit: Industrial Light & Magic/Marvel

Image Credit: Industrial Light & Magic/MarvelAhh summer. It’s about chillaxin’ at the beach — yeah I said “chillaxin'”…it’s Friday…I have a right — building bonfires in the backyard, and playing the ponies. Summer movies, however, are (to use the eloquent words of LL Cool J) “destruction! terror! and mayhem!” or at least explosions, shoot-outs, and garroting. And that’s why we here at PopWatch are instituting the official, scientific, and absolutely macabre Summer Movie Body Count.

Each week, Team PopWatch will pick one big-budget action flick, buy ourselves a ticket, and keep a running tally of how many folks buy the farm from the time the previews end till the time the closing credits finish rolling. We’ll count any confirmed deaths: folks who die on screen; folks whose deaths are verbally or visually confirmed (i.e. “Jane is dead!” or Jane’s hand arrives via U.S. Postal Service); or folks whose deaths can be estimated (i.e. a spacecraft explodes, and we’ll estimate how many folks were on board using our best pop-culture “measuring tools“). On Mondays, we’ll post our results — and keep a full tabulation of how many characters pay the ultimate price for your summer viewing enjoyment.

First up…Iron Man 2! Vote in our poll below, then come back Monday to digest (and possibly debate) our results!

Iron Man 2
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  • 125 minutes