May 07, 2010 at 10:15 PM EDT

Image Credit: Lucas Jackson/Reuters/Landov(2) BREAKING: Dr. Phil shaved his mustache on Oprah’s show. (Does this mean it’s the end of days?). Why did he shave if off? Because Oprah told him to, apparently. And if Oprah tells you to put on a chicken costume, eat some Baconnaise, and hop through an obstacle course — well, you do it. (Either that, or you’re on Big Brother.) UPDATE: It seems on the live show, Dr. Phil said it was his own idea to shave off his facial hair.

So now Dr. Phil is mustache-less. Does anyone else wonder where he’ll keep the souvenir hairs? Perhaps he’ll put it in a glass case of emotion to hang on his wall? Or maybe Jason Lee can borrow it for awhile for nostalgia’s sake?

I just can’t believe Dr. Phil doesn’t have a mustache tan line. Creepy!

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