Star Trek: The Original Series

As EW reported last night, Star Trek‘s Captain Kirk, Chris Pine, is in early negotiations to fill in for Bradley Cooper in the spy buddy comedy This Means War. Holy final frontier, does this news make me happy! Because, as we saw in that whole vaccine scene in Star Trek, the dude is funny. And it’s rare that we get funny and incredibly gorgeous in one nice little package in Hollywood. (Yes, Paul Rudd, you still belong to that club.) Honestly, I see Pine’s comedy career as a natural progression. Now, if he’d record a spoken-word cover of “Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds,” I’d be even happier.

Who else wants to give Pine a hand for tackling a starring role in a comedy? And who knew he looked so much like Lee DeWyze in high school? (Random Internet surfing alert!)

Star Trek: The Original Series
Star Trek
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