Mitch and Cam, Modern Family

Image Credit: Danny Feld/ABCWe’ve known for months that the Modern Family clan would be heading to Hawaii, but “Airport 2010” was but a teaser for the destined-to-be-epic vacation. Like most ensemble comedies, Family is its best when the various storylines converge or illuminate one another, and this episode at least boasted a central theme for all the adult relationships: Do you explicitly ask for what you want, or do you just hope your partner can read your mind? Psychic or not, there were plenty of good lines. Here are the 10 best:

Gloria: It cost me a fortune…but it was worth it!

Jay: [just mouthing it] Cost me a fortune.

Cam: People always say I scream Hawaii.

Mitchell: Who says that?

Cam: People…

Mitchell: What people?

Cam: …You don’t know them.

Phil: What a mom. Sometimes I wish you were my mom.

Claire: Oh God, Phil, I’m already feeling a little queasy.

Cam: I have an uncle that can only wear bell-bottoms. Hand to God.

Luke: Look, Mom, I’m pregnant!

Cam: [tearing up] All he wanted to do was dance! That’s my story!

Mitchell: Five hours of this.

Cam: [in a Billy Elliot accent] I just wunna dance at the ballet!

Haley: Look at him getting coffee and not putting chocolate in it! He’s so mature!

Phil: Every realtor is just a ninja in a blazer. The average burglar breaks in and leaves clues everywhere, but not me. I’m completely clueless.

Phil: You know Jasper?!

Manny: I’m just a boy trying to bring style back to childhood!

It wasn’t a line per se, but Alex falling off the couch was also total aces.

What was your favorite line from this week’s episode, PopWatchers? Did you wish there had been more Manny? Is Lily pretty much the cutest, most serious-looking baby ever? And can Cam and Mitchell kiss already?

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Mitch and Cam, Modern Family
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