Image Credit: Lester Cohen/WireImage.comAnother day, another leaked new track from Kelly Clarkson. The latest one seems to be called “Wash Rinse Repeat,” and everyone’s talking about how it rips…well, someone.

Who, exactly, is the target of lyrics like “Does it sound familiar, does it linger in your ear/Like something you remember from just last year” and “Music from the past, from the present, well, just last week/We will change a note and get away with it, wait and see”? Idolator takes those as thinly veiled shots at OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder. (That’s him and Clarkson in happier times above.) You’ll recall that Tedder co-wrote both Beyoncé’s “Halo” and Clarkson’s “Already Gone,” leading to a minor tiff last summer when Clarkson felt the two tunes were too similar. Now Clarkson has recorded a song that seems to be about industry pros recycling hooks. (Or she recorded it at some point, anyway — there’s no indication of how new this leak is.) Sounds like a plausible theory.

Then there are more general slams, like the one that serves as this tune’s classic Clarkson belt-it-out chorus: “I’ll be playing God and you can be my [airhorn]/The only compromise is you get to pick/Which of these formulas is your perfect fit?/Wash, rinse, repeat, why are you fighting it?” Idolator interprets lines like that as attacks on Clarkson’s label. To me, they seem more likely aimed at the music biz as a whole than any particular person or entity. Still, if Clarkson is implying that her label has been interfering with her artistic expression, it wouldn’t be the first time. A representative for Sony Music bigwig Clive Davis, who has both mentored and reportedly clashed with Clarkson in the past, tells the Music Mix that this song “has nothing to do with Clive.”

We’ve reached out to Clarkson’s and Tedder’s reps for comment. In the meantime, who do you think “Wash Rinse Repeat” is directed at?

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