By Kate Ward
Updated May 06, 2010 at 06:06 PM EDT

Image Credit: Comedy CentralRuh-roh. Looks like Comedy Central is headed towards controversial territory, just two weeks after South Park‘s Muhammad madness. Today, the network announced their slate of 22 upcoming projects, which includes JC, an animated series about Jesus Christ. (Other new series include Live Sex Show, a talk show about sex, naturally; Rich Dicks, based on a Funny or Die sketch starring Nick Kroll and Jon Daly; and stoner show Highdeas.) According to The Hollywood Reporter, JC follows the Son of Man as he attempts to “escape the shadow of his ‘powerful but apathetic father’ and live a regular life in New York.” Anyone else getting a Dr. Katz-esque vibe from that description?

Shock value works for some of Comedy Central’s programs (South Park being the most obvious of them), and it certainly gets our attention, but I’m hoping this project also has some heart and leaves the Lamb of God’s extreme, gun-toting antics to South Park. No one can do it better than Trey and Matt anyway, right?

I actually find myself more excited to see This Show Will Get You High, a sketch comedy show featuring Upright Citizens Brigade comics. But maybe that’s because I’m just embarrassed that I had to look up synonyms for “Jesus Christ” while writing this post. (Bad Catholic, Kate. Bad!)