Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/ShowtimeElizabeth Perkins is ending her five-season run on Showtime’s Weeds. She’s leaving the green and heading for more computer-generated pastures in the new James Marsden vehicle Hop. This sentence just seems so sad: “Perkins will play Marsden’s exasperated mother.” According to THR, Perkins is also developing a comedy series in which she’d star.

This is definitely a loss for Weeds, but Perkins’ character, Celia, has become so tragic over the years that it was probably time she was put out of her misery. She used to be the savvy and hilarious villain; now she’s just a joke. Once the gang ditched Agrestic to run a sandwich shop and human-trafficking maternity wear boutique down by the border, it was like the show just didn’t know what to do with Celia anymore, most likely because it never made sense for her to even be down there. (The same applies to the rest of the cast!) Every time she came on-screen in season 5, she would just sort of mumble and grope the air around her as if there might be invisible pills in there. She became so pathetic. Elizabeth Perkins is not pathetic!

I miss the old Weeds. Can they just pretend Mexico never happened and suddenly wake up stuffed into Nancy’s hybrid in a purple haze…peanut butter on the ceiling, iced coffee everywhere?

Season 6 begins in August. Will you miss Celia?