By Jessica Shaw
Updated May 06, 2010 at 07:29 PM EDT
Credit: Nino Munoz/Fox

Image Credit: Nino Munoz/FoxLast night, high school student Aaron Kelly got, well, flown to the moon. (That’s a euphemism for “kicked to the street.”) But is he rushing home for final exams? Hell no! The latest eliminated contestant from American Idol chats about his ouster, Harry Connick, Jr., and being called “Yoda.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Aaron, first of all, did you ever get sick of Ryan introducing you each week as “High school student Aaron Kelly”?

AARON KELLY: Not at all. Because that’s what I am.

I’ve been told you only have a few minutes to talk today. Is that because you’re on your way home for finals?

Finals? No, I’ll be back here for finals.

No, finals! Like, school.

I’m not too sure what I’m doing. I’m home-schooled, so it runs differently than other schools. I think I’ll only be home for a week or so before I come back here though.

Did you wake up Wednesday thinking you were safe because Casey was so bad Tuesday night?

Honestly, no one knows what to expect. None of us had anybody in mind. We don’t think about who’s going home because in the end, it’s all up to America. The votes are what get you through. Casey has been very consistent. Everybody has a bad night. And he was forced into a situation where he didn’t have his guitar.

Well, don’t be too gracious. He wasn’t forced. It seems like Harry was quite the jokester. Did it make you nervous?

It was such an honor working with him. He’s so iconic. Having somebody like that get down on your level to help you shine on your performance was incredible. And to have him put so much work into it! On top of that he’s such a nice guy. He even came and had lunch with us.

Had you decided what to sing next week?

I was still filtering through the song list. I didn’t have anything picked out for certain. I knew I wanted to go with something that people wouldn’t necessarily suspect I’d sing.

What’s up with you being the Jedi master?

I don’t understand that. They all used to say I was wise for being so young. They’d been calling me that for a long time before it was even on the show.

Do you even know what a Jedi is? Aren’t you too young?

I definitely know what they’re talking about. I love Star Wars. And little Yoda? He’s one of the strongest characters.

Did you ever get tired of Big Mike bench pressing you?

Well, he only did it once.