By Mandi Bierly
Updated May 05, 2010 at 10:11 PM EDT

Image Credit: Stephane Danna/AFP/Getty ImagesA lot of shows promise “a new spin,” but when you add William Shatner into the mix, it’s actually true. Among the new shows announced by BIO Channel today: Shatner’s Aftermath. In each episode, he’ll take us back to dramatic events that “riveted the nation” and speak with the newsmakers themselves and/or their family members, using his “sharp intellect and sense of humor” to find out what their lives have been like since they made headlines. The subjects of the six one-hour episodes: Jessica Lynch, The DC Sniper Victims, The Unabomber, Bernhard Goetz, Mary Kay Letourneau, and the Weaver Family of Ruby Ridge. (BIO tells me we won’t be seeing Shatner conduct a prison interview with the Unabomber. I’m oddly disappointed. I also doubt that we’ll see him in any of the reenactments we’ll be treated to, but I prefer to live in a world where that is a possibility, so I purposely did not ask.)

BIO’s other new series include I Survived…Beyond and Back, which profiles people who have flatlined and come back to life, and My Ghost Story, which profiles people who have been haunted and captured evidence on tape. Which show sounds harder to believe?