Miley Cyrus has released the video for her new single, “Can’t Be Tamed,” and one thing is clear: The Disney star is flying the coop. No, for reals! The video, which you can view here after the jump, finds our beloved Hannah Montana ensconced in full bird regalia, rocking deep smoky eyes, and being announced as “Avis Cyrus, the rarest creature on earth.” Yes, she’s a bird—a huge-winged bird!—throughout. Which made me feel like she should instead be intoning the words “can’t be caged”—she sits in a cage for much of the clip—instead of “can’t be tamed.” Right? Because birds are not so much tamed as they are caged, right? But anyway, enough of me rattling on about it for the moment, just watch the avian madness here:

Of course, just like the single itself, this video is a departure for the tween star, who seems like she’s more than ready to be taken serious. But smart: She isn’t moving too fast, honestly. This here video might be dark and a tad conceptually racy, but it’s not like Miley is stripping or baring much skin, a la some of the stars who have morphed themselves before us in the past. More than anything, she’s just getting into some super-fun dance moves and making a statement, which seems to be something along the lines of her being ready to move into territory that’s darker than, say, “Party in the U.S.A.” (Which, BTW, I still listen to nearly daily.)

Also, I feel like there’s something behind the caged aspect of it all. Does Miley feel caged by her handlers? Is she cooped up and looking to break free? Does she have no outlet now that she gave up her Twitter account? [Insert bird/Twitter joke here.] In some ways, the video could be spliced apart as commentary on the confinement of her personal life. Musicians—and specifically pop stars—are known to eventually get all up into some personal-life commentary with their songs and videos. Britney’s “Everytime” or “Piece of Me,” anyone?

Lastly, I have to add that I usually really despise birds (and fish, for that matter…) as a concept, but Miley sort of made them cool and sexy. I’m shocked I just typed such a thing.

But, what do you think, folks? Are you digging the dark new Miley? Is there a deeper message in all this bird-related crazy?

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