May 05, 2010 at 06:32 PM EDT

Image Credit: Valerie Macon/Getty ImagesHollywood FAIL of the week: Yesterday, a staffer at CNN discovered four hours before Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony that the actress’ name had been misspelled on her star. The engraver must have been one of those rare fans of Luis, because the name on the New Adventures of Old Christine actress’ star read “Julia Luis Dreyfus.” A misspelling and no hyphen?! Grammar Nazis — we know you’re out there! Attack!

Apparently, thanks to some quick work, a temporary “Louis-” was engraved on the star while the folks behind the Walk of Fame — the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce — work on a new one. (Good sport Louis-Dreyfus wanted the star to remain as is; instead she’ll get the flawed version as a souvenir.) But how will they avoid the same mistake if Shia LaBeouf ever gets a star of fame? Or EW’s own Keith Staskiewicz? (I’m still not entirely convinced there isn’t a silent “f” or “5” hidden in that last name somewhere.)

Who else wishes the Chamber of Commerce would’ve left the star as is, misspelling and all?

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