May 05, 2010 at 02:40 PM EDT

This shot from GSN’s new game show Late Night Liars, premiering June 10, is the most mind-blowing thing I’ve seen all week. I feel like I’ve just been peer-pressured into smoking a joint. The show is from Henson Alternative, a label of The Jim Henson Company that produces content specifically and exclusively for adults. Per the release: “Each night, two hapless human contestants face off against a panel of four ‘celebrity’ puppets who are half-sauced and telling half-truths. Whichever contestant can distinguish fact from fiction best will escape with prizes and cash — but probably not their dignity.” Larry Miller (10 Things I Hate About You, Pretty Woman, Best in Show) hosts, with the help of his announcer/scorekeeper/puppet sidekick, The Weasel. Descriptions of the celebrity puppets, lifted straight from the press material:

• Shelley Oceans, a comedienne, television personality and actress who was once the world’s greatest insult comic — but that day has passed. Loved for her brash manner, Shelley is now a devoted game show panelist and is always ready with a cutting retort for the host, the contestants and of course, her fellow panelists — especially close friend and two-time ex-husband William A. Mummy.

• William A. Mummy, a confirmed bachelor and bon vivant who “just can’t seem to find the right woman.” “Mister Double Entendre” is flamboyant, brash, and jittery — and he knows how to tie an ascot. Mummy’s a fan of the finer things in life: fashion, gourmet food, and of course, the theater.

Cashmere Ramada, a world-famous celebutante and tabloid target. Cashmere has had dozens of mini-careers: singing, fashion design, perfume…and a few unfortunate video tapes that circulate on the Internet. She constantly inserts herself into charities she doesn’t understand, thinking that “Save the Dolphins” was an effort to prolong the amount of time you could keep dolphin meat in the freezer.

• Sir Sebastian Simian, a billionaire entrepreneur, adventurer, ladykiller and philanthropist. Sebastian balances his British charm and charisma with doses of snide, acerbic comments and a healthy sprinkle of intolerance. He also happens to be the smartest person in the room. Just ask him.

What do you think? Awesome, bad, or awesomely bad?

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