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Thank you, DANCMSTRs, for your fabulous Hidden Gem of the Week nominations! For the uninformed, this collection of reader-submitted ridiculata is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a purely visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and flesh. You’ll love it. Get ready. Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!

“Louis and Niecy’s expressions after Nicole and Derek’s dance. Priceless.” —naynay, seconded by Stu, Colleen, and MNBonnie

“Only on DWTS does an animated rose being beaten over Jake’s head get a laugh! That is what he gets for crying last week! No men can cry unless they win!” —Sparklie, kt, IAA Evan, Tracy, MNBonnie, and glenn

“During the intro with the band, one of the singers appeared to have forgotten the lyrics to the song. I didn’t realize “bah bah da bah bah bah bah” was such a troublesome lyric!” —kt, Nicole Shezaringer, JH

“Evan jumping up and down after Erin and Maks’ performance. So cute!” —pithycomments, seconded by Corky, Christine, queue55, Amy, amy, Lauren, 10SCmom, Goobelygoo

“Erin and Maks totally bread-and-buttered a stagelight.” —IAA Evan

“We had an appearance from Little Maks when he and Erin were talking to Brooke, just before he started doing calisthenics — then Brooke and Erin discussed the salmon pants! Awkward.” —Bookbird, seconded by Pat, Ceballos, and EagleEye

“It was next to impossible not to take notice of Little Maks. I vacillated between mortified and enthralled. I’m mortified to say I was mostly enthralled.” —Anna

“What I loved was Derek seemed to notice in the background and they shared a laugh together before Maks put his hands in front of his ahem, package.” —Allison

“Right after they cut away from the Erin and Maks’ interview with Brooke, you could see Maks lay a big kiss on Erin in the Celebriquarium as the camera panned to Tom.” —Bing, seconded by Zach: “I love hidden gems of love between Erin & Maks!”

“Lady and the TrampVanIntensité!” —Gemma

Niecy mom sandwich! —Patti

“Damian’s belt in his practice with Pam. Was it sparkly or was I still blinded by all the other sparkles?” —Amanda

“At the beginning of Pamela’s dance, she and Damian were separated and between them two women in the front row were bathed in light.” —Potato Bug

“Cheryl’s excited face right after their dance when she was still in the dip. I think it’s the first time all season that she’s looked genuinely happy.” —IAA Evan

“Literally hidden gems: Cheryl’s new heart-shaped diamond-encrusted necklace (Chad went to Jared!?!)” —Mya

“My favorite gem was Carrie Ann’s declaration of membership in the Dharma Initiative via her earrings. Namaste!” —Katja

“Gem: The lightning bolt on Evan’s shirt during practice is the same as his tattoo! Coordination!” —Amanda

Not so hidden: “Evan’s poof ball hat he wore during practice.” —Sami, seconded by Sarahj

“What was with that alien face dominating the screen behind Evan and Anna before they began their dance?” —Gemologist, seconded by Scarlett O’Samba

“After Evan and Anna did their amazing spin move (with Anna’s leg on his shoulder) a woman in the audience screamed so big I thought she would eat the head of the person in front of her,” —Potato Bug, seconded by Brooke 89

“When Evan and Anna were heading back up to the Celebrequarium after their dance, Anna was prancing/skipping like a really excited baby deer. Awesome!” —Jessica

“Right before Bruno announced his “TEHN!” score for Evan and Anna’s tango, he waved his hand back and forth over his waist like a magician…almost as if he was conjuring the paddle.” —Ceballos

“Pam’s bejeweled patch of skin above her right eyebrow during the Team Cha Cha. It was so odd. I live to see what random body part of which person this show will bejewel next.” —IAA Evan, seconded by orville, JH, and Scarlett O’Samba

“Nicole’s hair during cha-cha looked like a Russian fur hat perched on her head, rather than a hairstyle.” —Hunter, Gem Hunter

“Pam’s secret little zebra tail freed itself from her pants and started shimmying its wares when she was bent over, practicing for the group dance.” —Gemologist

“Check out Chad’s hands in that team dance photo – clearly ready to snatch that football out of the air at any moment.” —Elizabeth, seconded by amy

“Maks and Erin at the beginning of their group rehearsal. The other couples were standing in the general area of their partner and M/E were wrapped around each other. But they are NOT dating, LOL! Whatever. Too cute!” —MN Bonnie

“Derek in the CelebFishbowl giving a thumbs down to Team Madonna. C’mon pretty boy, this is a team event, flip that thumb up!” —Gemma, seconded by Lorie and Scooter

“Hidden gem: Evan getting thwacked in the face with Erin’s spinning ponytail during the group cha cha rehearsal” —jen, seconded by jen 2

“It was very nice of the set people to pay homage to Evan during Team Madonna’s number with the Olympic rings in the background.” —Liz, seconded by duranmom

“During the Madonna group dance, Evan reached up and touched Anna on the nose after they moved back a bit from the others.” —China Trail

“Albert Reed in the audience, wishing he had lasted long enough for a team dance. So sad!!” —Katie, seconded by Lilly

“When Niecy mentioned her getting to move her “jiggly bits,” Evan immediately glanced down at her boobs” —Amy in Pittsburgh, seconded by Skippy, JH, Melissa, and L

“Anna Tre-BUN-sky-ya was friskily touching Niecy’s thigh during the cha cha interview, too” —Hunter, Gem Hunter


“Over Tom’s shoulder is a handsy couple that couldn’t stop touching each other to applaud, he clapped one hand on his thigh…and the girl next to the couple, is she going totally commando?” —10SCmom. Suspicionconfirmed by Verity: “After Maks and Erin received their scores, there was a woman sitting behind Tom who looked like she was wearing no pants.”

“There was a woman wearing a red flower in her hair who looked like a young(er) Fran Drescher sitting behind the space between Len and Bruno.” —Allison, seconded by Dance Watcher

“How about the dark-haired guy behind Tom before Evan danced. He couldn’t have looked more bored.” —cndn610, seconded by Colleen, Swebbs, and MLM: “He looked like a very angry Quentin Tarantino”

“My hidden gem: The phantom (I call him Casper the friendly ghost) looming over Tom’s right shoulder right before Evan and Anna’s video package. What’s with the ghost sightings this season? First Estelle Getty, now this? Have I missed any others?” —Jenn, seconded by Ellen

“I don’t think he was a ghost…I think he was transported down from the Enterprise to check out the inhabitants of Planet Mirrorballus!” —queue55

“Behind Maks is a GHOST hand! AND, did the guy in front of the ghost look like he had a towel around his neck?” —10SCmom

“Lady in red dress behind Tom leaning in trying to get into camera shot” —Colleen

“I got so excited seeing Enthusiastic Chimes Lady that I keep forgetting to look for hidden gems. That, and the one-two-punch of Carrie Ann’s dress and DANCMASTR’s shirt/tie combo has temporarily blinded me.” —Lemon

“I had seen Enthusiastic Chimes Lady smiling at the camera before, but I’d never seen her do her thing. Last night I saw her go to town on the chimes. She really is enthusiastic! I would almost say maniacal!” —IAA Evan

“Bongo drum player was super enthusiastic tonight! Maybe he should be named Enthusiastic Bongo Man to go with Enthusiastic Chimes Lady?” —Colleen

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