Dirty Dancing, Dirty Dancing: Limited Keepsake Edition | IN A CORNER Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey get acquainted in Dirty Dancing

Granted, it’s only been three short years since a loaded 20th-anniversary edition of the cha-cha coming-of-age classic hit stores, but Dirty Dancing fans — and they are legion — are an obsessive tribe with deep memories and deeper pockets. For them, this even more loaded two-disc box set (in Hello Kitty pink) will be pure Catskills catnip. In addition to a crisp, newly restored print of the film and a chintzy, hard-backed commemorative book, there’s more than an hour of new EXTRAS, including a touching tribute to Swayze, whose sweaty, smoldering, swivel-hipped rebel Johnny Castle still comes across as James Dean in snug slacks. Never more so than when he struts up to overprotective dad Jerry Orbach and utters the most quotable line in a film lousy with quotable lines: ”Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Nobody, indeed. All in all, a tasty slice of processed cheese. B