By Kate Ward
Updated May 04, 2010 at 10:50 PM EDT

I’ve got a lot to celebrate today, PopWatchers. Star Wars Day. A new must-see episode of Lost. And, finally, Will Arnett’s birthday. (What, you think we’d miss it? Only if we took some Forget-Me-Nows.) Yep, Gob Bluth is turning 40, which I think is completely worthy of a “caw-caw-caw!” chicken clap.

Usually, whenever given an occasion to bring up Arrested Development, I’ll find ways to quote the late great show as often as possible. But, hermanos, I want to save that that pleasure for you. So, COME ON! and celebrate Arnett’s 40th by listing your favorite Gob Bluth lines in the comments. Because unlike Lucille, we care for Gob. I’ll start you all off with my personal favorite: “My God, what is this feeling?…it’s not like envy, or even hungry.” It never gets old! Your turn!

P.S. I hope Franklin is invited to his birthday party. And that it involves plenty of corn syrup and red dye.