For years now, I’ve counted on trailers to give me ten minutes of wiggle room after the official start time of a movie — just enough to make a run for the concession stand or the bathroom before the main attraction. But it looks like I don’t need to rush anymore. According to The Hollywood Reporter, studios are paying distributors to bulk up the pre-show program with even more trailers, sometimes packing in as many as seven before a movie. Luckily, the MPAA sets a 2.5-minute time limit for the clips, but that still means you could get stuck with almost 18 minutes of promos before the opening credits of the movie you actually came to see begin to roll.

Personally, I think four trailers is my limit. After that, I just start fidgeting and making exaggerated fed-up noises like an old lady in an ATM line. But what about you, PopWatchers? How many previews is too many?