Image Credit: Mario Perez/ABC It wasn’t quite a separation of Jin-and-Sun proportions, but that Lost-less week felt like an eternity, no? Well, your teary reunion with the show is fast approaching: Tonight you get a new episode, “The Candidate,” which is best enjoyed after consuming the latest installment of Totally Lost. Your two hosts—Doc “Jeff” Jensen and Dan “No Nickname Necessary” Snierson—get you back in the groove with a refresher conversation about “The Last Recruit.” Feelings are shared about Jin’s Sun-ny day at the beach. The possibility of redemption for zombie-like Sayid and freakified Claire is discussed. UnLocke’s I-am-Christian revelation to Jack is scrutinized. In addition, teasers for “The Candidate” are doled out. Check it out below and then spill your thoughts. What did you think of the Jin-Sun action? Are Sayid and Claire beyond repair? When will Desmond reappear? And who is the Candidate? (Bored? Hungry? Follow @ewdocjensen and @dansnierson.) If you’re having trouble watching the videos in PopWatch, or if you’re on an iPhone/iPad, head over to our Lost hub for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

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