In honor of National Cheeseburger Month, White Castle has released a $10 burger-scented candle. Much like sweat beads fly forth from Cathy’s head, beads of vomit are flying out of my head at the mere thought of a White Castle-scented candle.

I wrote a whole little list of pop culture burgers, but it just detracted from the fact that you can buy a burger-scented candle, the proceeds of which go to autism research.

The world can be really big and confusing sometimes, PopWatchers. Just when I think I’ve seen everything, and that culture is just slowly ingesting and excreting itself in an endless cycle of deterioration, something strange — even strangely awful — comes along, and this fabulous jolt of imagination shakes me to my core. I guess we are still reaching out to touch the face of God. Or…whatever. Way to go, you disgusting, disgusting candle!