By Andy Patrick
Updated May 03, 2010 at 08:06 PM EDT

Image Credit: Bill Records/NBC; jeffrosick.comWhen Friday Night Lights brings the character of Buddy Jr. back for its fifth season (premiering on DirecTV this fall), he’ll not only have a new face, he’ll also have a new, though hardly improved, attitude. I’m told that rookie actor Jeff Rosick’s version of Buddy’s son will be, let’s say, troubled.

Apparently, the now-16-year-old enjoyed his two years in California — so much so that his growing pains only really begin when he’s dragged home to Dillon. Translation: In spite of his sweet heart, the words “temper, temper” will likely be directed at him with some regularity.

Rosick will appear on a recurring basis throughout season 5.

So what do you think, Ausholes? Ready for some more teen angst? Or are you too preoccupied with this Friday’s fourth season premiere on NBC to be thinking yet about what’ll happen when the fifth season hits DirecTV?