For a segment of women who came of age in the ’90s, Daria Morgendorffer reigns as one of the all-time influential female characters — more sardonic than Lisa Simpson, more confident than Angela Chase, with a bit more indie cred than Cher Horowitz.

The long-awaited DVDs finally come out on May 11, but to whet your whistle, we have an exclusive clip of some of the special features included in the set. This one is all about how the droll “Sick Sad World” aficionado (“if she represents anything, it’s the upbeat, fun, pro-active side of teen nihilism”) came to be during MTV’s Spring Break days:

I particularly like the “how the eyebrow thing might work” sketch at :22.

Did you worship Daria back in the day, PopWatchers? And are you as excited for the DVDs as I am?