By Kate Ward
Updated May 01, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

According to Reuters, many theatergoers were not allowed entrance into Times Square-area Broadway shows Saturday, thanks to a bomb scare in the area. Times Square was evacuated in the evening, after a sports utility vehicle was found smoking. (Police put out the fire; The New York Times reports the vehicle contained explosives, gasoline, propane, and burned wires.) Some shows that might have been affected are Next To Normal, which is located on 45th St., and The Lion King, which is located in a theater close to the vehicle in question. Reuters reports some shows were able to go on — as some theatergoers were allowed into the vicinity, but others were blocked from entrance later in the evening. At this time, it’s not known which shows were affected, or canceled. ABC News reports some theaters were evacuated, and in one theater, audience members were not permitted to leave due to the scare.

UPDATE: The NYPD has confirmed with the Wall Street Journal that the SUV contained a car bomb with three propane tanks and two gas tanks.