The latest episode of Survivor: Heroes vs Villains featured some good ol’ fashioned girl-on-girl wrestling. But in the end (no thanks to Colby) Danielle ended up with the hidden immunity idol clue and Amanda Kimmel ended up getting her torch snuffed. Now the Survivor threepeat offender talks about what it was like to finally get voted out of the game, what she would have done had Colby offered her even an ounce of assistance, and an aborted ruse that may have sent Candice over to the dark side.

So, how was Treasure Island?

It sucked.

Since your wrestling match with Danielle ended way too early for my taste, tell me what would have happened had it continued? Would you have come out on top?

Oh yeah, are you kidding me? I wanted Colby just to get her off me, then I was going to run to the bathroom, read the clue, and flush it down the toilet. That was the plan. Then all of a sudden, my weakness is I have a big conscience and I feel bad about things pretty quickly. I’m not Jewish or anything; it just happens. So Colby just like struck a nerve, questioning my character, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, what am I doing? This is so not my character.’ I was so confused at that point. I didn’t know what to do. But I knew if we didn’t get it we were out, we were toast. There were a lot of people counting on me on my team; Colby was one of them. I don’t know what he was talking about, he needed it just as much as I did.

He seemed completely checked out. The bizarre thing about it was you two were literally wrestling, and he’s sitting there barely turning his head to notice what was going on.

I know! He was checked out the whole entire time. We went through the whole entire challenge and I told Colby, ‘We have to find this no matter what. We have to look for it and get it before Danielle. That’s what we have to do, that’s our goal. Don’t be distracted by anything, the food or anything. We have a job, we have to do this, or else we’ll be toast.’ Even thought I made it very clear what we had to do, he didn’t look for it once. I was looking for it the entire time. It was my mistake that Danielle had it because I gave her the popcorn and I was so mad about it. Still, if Colby was right next to me, he should have been looking too. I shouldn’t have been doing it all. I’m just one woman for God’s sake.

J.T. wanted to give the immunity idol to Russell, and you thought it might be a huge mistake but you ultimately went along with it. Colby said Danielle should have gotten the clue back, and you knew that was a huge mistake but ultimately you went along with it. The biggest problem in this game was you basically not sticking to your guns, right?

Yeah, but the thing is though, you have to be careful. Yeah, you can express your opinion. Maybe I should have been more gutsy, but if you’re wrong ,you’re on the chopping block. You have to be very careful in this game expressing your opinion. With the clue even, I didn’t really know the rules to the clue and Colby made me think, ‘Oh my gosh, maybe whoever finds it, it’s their clue, maybe this is going to be so stupid because I’m fighting for something that is already hers no matter what I do.’

You didn’t really have a partner in crime to watch your back after James left. Basically you were left with Rupert who doesn’t know how to play the game…

And Colby who just won’t play the game. And Candice, who was flighty. So I had nothing to work with and it was like banging your head against a brick wall. Yeah I could have ran to the bathroom and read the clue and flushed it down the toilet. But I was so confused. I couldn’t believe Colby wasn’t helping me. I was wondering if we were really at a hotel watching a movie. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

Where did she put the clue after you gave it back to her?

Probably in her bra, would be my guess.

You had a sense Candice was flipping over to the villains’ side, didn’t you? She told you she was just faking being in with them, but you sort of had an inclination, right? [See deleted scene below!]

Yeah, why would she fake being with them? Does the girl think I’m stupid? But there were a lot of times I was talking to her after that and I was like, ‘Candice, focus.’ In the game, she is really paranoid. If she feels like someone is against her, she’ll flip immediately. She’s just really like flighty when she gets scared. She knew after the whole Danielle catfight incident I was the next to go, and I knew that too. I was shocked because Sandra was more on board than she was. I don’t really know what happened there. We had a good bond; I thought everything was cool. There were things that happened that they didn’t show that I think pushed her over to the Villains side. She had a plan to fake the Villains out and I didn’t think that was necessary, so we didn’t do it and I think she was kinda mad about it.

Really? Juicy! Do tell!

Candice had a plan that we were going to act like I was going to go home, and Candice wanted her and I to stage a fight that we were against each other. She was doing it to throw Russell off, I guess. She really wanted to do this. She was excited because it was her idea and she thought it was brilliant. We were going to do it but I didn’t think it was necessary. She wanted Russell to stop scheming, and she thought if we staged a fight they wouldn’t scheme. The fact that we didn’t do it, she was upset. I think that’s why she went with the Villains last minute, because we didn’t follow through with her plan.

What does it feel like to finally after three seasons get voted out?

It was awful. It was not fun. I really never thought I’d be voted out. I’m sure Jeff enjoyed it. I don’t like Ponderosa. It was not fun.

Are you bummed out it looks like Parvati might overtake your record for longest playing Survivor?

Yeah, I mean it’s fine. Honestly I really don’t care that much about the record or anything. It was my mistake, I made a lot of mistakes and that’s kind of why I’m out. Whoever gets it deserves it. It’s hard to do. It’s really hard.

I’ve got to ask, has this really been Amanda I’ve been speaking with, or Boston Rob stuck in Amanda’s body?

Whoa. That’s deep. What?

Didn’t you hear at Tribal Council when Russell said you were like Boston Rob in a woman’s body?

No! Russell said that at Tribal Council? In what way? That’s just disturbing.

Yeah, no kidding!

I don’t really understand that. I think Russell was trying to get airtime on that one.

For an exclusive deleted scene of Amanda and Candice talking strategy, as well as a pep talk that Amanda recorded for herself after she got voted off, check out the video player below. And for more Survivor news and views, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.

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