Yesterday’s reports that drummer Max Weinberg had been dropped from Conan O’Brien’s band as the whole former Tonight Show squad heads to TBS are untrue, say reps for O’Brien, who add “no details for the TBS show have been set as of now, none at all.” Seems Team Coco is too busy with their Team Tourtour to worry about producing a TV show at some point in the near-ish future, which is understandable, and it looks like they’re having a blast out there on the road — even though Weinberg’s not with them. The lack-of-TBS-show-details thing is also evidently not just a PR line: several other sources close to the show admitted they have no idea what’s being planned for Conan’s return, either.

So there ya go, Mixers. Rumor debunked. But if you had to bet how this one’s gonna play out in the end, what are you thinkin’? And since they don’t have anything set as of now, anything at all… what do YOU think Conan should do with his TBS slot?

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