April 30, 2010 at 10:41 PM EDT

With that name, I would think probably not. But I’m not 14, so what do I know? But late last night came the news that Disney Channel has ordered an original movie based on the novel Lemonade Mouth, which centers on five high schoolers who form a band “using unusual instruments” after meeting in detention. (It sounds a little like School of Rock-meets-Stomp-meets-The Breakfast Club to me, which is kind of perfect, since the author, Mark Peter Hughes, shares a surname with Breakfast‘s director.)

I’m going to take issue with the fact that a ukulele is believed to be an “unusual instrument” — Lee DeWyze would take their ukulele and raise them a bagpipe! (The other instruments used in the band are apparently a trumpet, bass, and a conga drum.) But I’m less concerned with the plot of this soon-to-be tweener sensation — which is being hailed as the next High School Musical — and more concerned with who would be cast in the flick. Because teen girls everywhere need another Zac Efron.

So who should fill his shoes and topline Lemonade? Zack or Cody? iCarly‘s Nathan Kress? Since I’m 25 and unable by law to find anyone under the age of 18 attractive, fill me in, kids. Who’s hot these days?

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