Readers respond to our ''The Empire Strikes Back'' tribute, plus Colin Farrell, and Mark Wahlberg

By EW Staff
Updated April 30, 2010 at 04:00 AM EDT
  • A Good Story It Is
  • Kudos on a beautifully executed tribute to what is arguably the best sequel in the history of cinema. EW has taken its fair share of good-natured swipes at George Lucas, the two trilogies, and three decades of fanboy mania, so it was nice to see the genuine props and admiration in the luscious spreads. How cool is it that a 30-year-old sci-fi movie makes the cover of the most influential entertainment magazine in the world? It’s really cool.
  • Craig Edwards
  • West Hollywood
  • So, a well-deserved cover story on The Empire Strikes Back but no mention of the screenwriters, Lawrence Kasdan and Leigh Brackett?
  • Mike Mayo
  • Chatham, N.J.

After this cover, we forgive you for the 300 Twilight covers. Thank God you’re not a teenager anymore.
Daniel Vaz
Maia, Portugal

Digging Up Dirt
I adored the article on Colin Farrell. You mentioned that he had no upcoming projects, but IMDb shows that he’s going to star in an adaptation of Tim Winton’s Dirt Music, one of my all-time favorite books. Do you know what’s been going on with that project?
Angela Woolsey
Vienna, Va.

Senior writer Josh Rottenberg responds: According to Farrell’s rep, the actor is not attached to either Dirt Music or, contrary to recent reports, the romantic dramedy Something Borrowed. He’s reading scripts and weighing opportunities but hasn’t committed to his next project.

I’m glad to read that Colin Farrell is making an effort to stay on the straight and narrow (though he’s an Irish rogue at heart), and I hope he continues to do roles with emotional depth that show off his talent.
Adrienne Patterson
San Leandro, Calif.

  • Coming Soon?
  • I read ”Big Stars Fail to Ignite the Indie Box Office” with interest. It might help if the films were distributed in places other than the six major cities in our country. Living where I do, the minimum I must travel to see independent films is 45 minutes. Film companies want us to see their films? Bring them to us!
  • Robert Horn
  • York, Pa.
  • Sexy Beast
  • Thank you, Bullseye, for confirming what I’ve been saying for years about Mark Wahlberg. He should only star in movies (1) set in the desert where it’s entirely too hot for a shirt; (2) set in heavy rain where his shirt becomes so drenched it’s like no shirt at all; and (3) about swimmers, boxers, or any other athletes where shirts get in the way of aerodynamics.
  • Dara Perales
  • Oceanside, Calif.

Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back

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