By Mandi Bierly
April 30, 2010 at 10:25 PM EDT

Image Credit: Karen Neal/ABCNathan Fillion has confirmed to E! Online what Michael Trucco — who’s recurring as robbery detective Tom Demming, wooing Beckett, and making Castle realize his feelings for her — hinted to us last week: The second season of Castle will end on an emotional cliffhanger. “I would say it’s left open. There’s no indication either way,” Trucco said when asked if there was a chance of him returning in the fall. “What I can tell you is that obviously, there’s some decisions to be made in terms of these relationships. Things start to ramp up, get heightened, and a major wrench gets thrown into the works… Hearts will be aching, that’s all I can say.”

Fillion seemed to give a more straight forward response when E! asked if Beckett and Castle will get together: “I believe that’s called jumping the shark. Moonlighting did a very valuable lesson there.”

I agree that Season 3 is too soon for Beckett and Castle to become a couple. I vote they give us a kiss, and she pulls back. That seems to be the MO lately: The Good Wife, Bones… You give us little something to get our hearts racing, but nothing that releases the sexual tension, nothing from which the characters can’t recover. Win-win.

What’s your vote? How far should Castle and Beckett go?

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