By Ken Tucker
Updated April 29, 2010 at 12:01 PM EDT

It was big enough news to make the front page of The New York Times, but that just goes to show The Old Grey Lady is easily titillated: Last night’s two premiere episodes of Sunset Daze were — and I say this without condescension — sweet.

In this era of Jersey Shore and Real Housewife idiocy, sweetness probably doesn’t cut it in reality TV, and I wouldn’t claim great cultural achievement for the idea of having a camera crew follow a group of senior citizens in Surprise, Arizona. Still, Sunset Daze has some charming “characters.”

If there’s a more winning new reality-TV personality than former nun Ann, a pretty 61 year-old lady with a pretty Irish brogue who left the convent at age 39 and now sky-dives and smooches her senior-citizen boyfriend, I can’t think of a more likable one.

At least one storyline got some traction last night: Would 68 year-old Sandy — a raucous gal whom we saw meet and fall in love at first sight with Mark, her skeet-shoot instructor — work up the nerve to ask him for a date? In the second episode, she did, and things went swimmingly. When she bade him good night after a quick kiss, closed the door and then leaned on it, weak in the knees from romantic overload, not faulty knee joints, Sunset Daze became a beguiling reality soap opera.

Did any of you watch Sunset Daze?

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