Image Credit: Tyler ShieldsAs anyone who has been nearby a computer knows, Lindsay Lohan has had a rough week. First, her father brought the LAPD to her house to check on her younger sister, Ali, who was staying at the residence at the time. Then, the actress was fired from her next film, The Other Side, after financiers were hesitant to fund the film with Lohan in the leading role. Then there was that whole HIV fiasco on her father’s Twitter. Paging Daniel Powter!

Well, Linds is grappling with controversy yet again today thanks to a picture posted on her Twitter account showing the actress holding a gun up to her mouth. The pic is from a photo shoot with photographer Tyler Shields, which also included the slightly different photo pictured here. (Several more can be found posted on his website.) [Lohan’s lawyer has yet to respond to EW’s request for comment.] Of course, as we discovered back in 2007 with those cutlery photos, Lohan enjoys taking photographs with dangerous objects. But is this simply a bad omen? Is she going too far this time around? Or is this sexy/dangerous art and we should just let the girl do her thing?

If that isn’t enough, there was blood involved in all this as well, apparently. If you want to see that, and more from the shoot, check out the (pretty gross) video below. Warning: Video rated PG-Sleazy.