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Updated April 29, 2010 at 09:38 PM EDT
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Image Credit: Gaye Gerard/WireImage.comBrandon Flowers is stepping out on his own. As noted by Billboard, visitors to the Killers’ official website will currently find a neon sign flashing the frontman’s name under the headline “THE NEW SOLO ALBUM — FLAMINGO — COMING SOON.” Some spacey synths, sprightly bleeps, and a snatch of wordless falsetto loop on the soundtrack. And…that’s all we’ve got right now.

A rep for the Killers confirms to the Music Mix that Flowers has a solo album titled Flamingo on the way, but offers no further details at this time. When I spoke to Flowers last November, he dodged a question about the Killers’ studio plans: “We’re always trying to write songs. But right now we’ve got a month and a half of touring, South America and South Africa. That’s what’s on the brain.”

Are you looking forward to hearing Flamingo? What do you hope it sounds like?

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