By Annie Barrett
Updated April 29, 2010 at 05:27 PM EDT

This morning, Mandi blazed into my office all “OMG Cougar Town, big moment!” I hadn’t seen it yet, so I quickly pressed play and the whole time I was convinced the “big moment” she’d referred to would end up being the revelation that Laurie was pregnant. She’s allergic to birth control pills and latex, after all. Plus, her whole drama-hungry story line was kind of begging for that twist. I even prematurely wrote the following mediocre headline for this item: ‘Cougar Town’: Laurie gets her drama. BUT NO. It was just Julesy and Graysony indulging in their first kiss. Ho, hum. I know I should have pictured them actually doin’ it, but I prefer this moment, at the “far end” of his teasing lean-back as Jules attempted to take the plunge. He even accompanied the lean-back with a short spurt of air. Impressive! “Wow!” she burbled. It could have been all the wine. “It’s just like a mimosa except it has wine instead of champagne, and no orange juice!”

Mandi and I suspect that J&G didn’t end up sleeping together after all, at least not that night. “Vulnerable women are dangerous,” you know. Laurie said it and she’s always right. And in Jules’ condition — one in which her overwhelming maternal instincts produced the desire to be trimmed down so small she could live in her son’s blood — maybe it was best to wait. Which force field do you think won out: Horniness + Wine vs. Self-Consciousness re: unshaved legs + Reason? And what were your favorite moments last night? I most enjoyed the modified mimosa mentioned above, the use of the Scrubs set for Travis’ college visit, the return of Travis the Dog, and Andy’s “tube” of chocolate ice cream during the tag. It looked like a giant liverwurst. And he put the empty carton back in the freezer!

In conclusion, “Hola!” (says Ellie’s orange).

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