By Michael Slezak
April 28, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

Check out these digits: 5, 8, 9, 18, 33, 37. Nope, they’re not my winning bet from last night’s MegaMillions drawing, nor are they some cryptic clue about how Lost is going to end. Instead, they’re highly relevant numbers relating to tonight’s American Idol episode: With the hour-long telecast in the books, only five contestants and eight episodes remain in this ninth season, and I’ve got 18 ideas for theme weeks that Ken Warwick & Co. could use to improve the show. An impressive 33 million votes “were registered,” last night, according to Ryan Seacrest. And Carrie Underwood’s pals Sons of Sylvia played a song that seemed to go on for 37 minutes. [SPOILERS AHEAD, west coast friends!]

But you, Idoloonie nation, focused on one (the loneliest number), and ousted Siobhan Magnus  from the competition (while putting a scare into Casey James and Michael Lynche while you did it). I can’t say I’m particularly shocked, if only because I’ve been completely unable to predict voting results almost every week of this bizarre season — so why not boot one of the two remaining females in this erstwhile “season of women”? (Um, maybe because High School Student Aaron Kelly and the Guy Who Likes to Lift Everything are still in the competition?) Of note, “Any Man of Mine” has now proven to be the downfall of both Siobhan and season 5’s unimonikered Mandisa: One more ouster and it’s officially cursed!

Also worth mentioning, just like in season 8, we’ll come down to the wire with four men and one single lady left on the Idol stage. And Siobhan, inconsistent and bewildering as she sometimes was, at least left the stage with a bang. Her exit performance of “Think,” combined with early season home runs on “House of the Rising Sun” and “Paint It Black,” give her an Idol legacy of which she can be proud.

On that note, I’ve got my TV Watch recap to write [UPDATE: It’s posted, so check it out here!]. Until then, discuss Siobhan’s exit in the comments below, check out the latest episode of Idolatry below (note: the Internet’s Most Important Program is taking a one-week hiatus, but will be back in time to recap Frank Sinatra Week, and, of course, have an exit video with Siobhan herself), and do sign up to follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak! (Related: Sons of Sylvia: Meet the band of brothers who performed on tonight’s American Idol; Idol’s 13 Awkward Mentor Moments; Allison Iraheta turns 18: Let’s make her album turn platinum; ‘American Idol’ announces tour dates: Will you see them in concert?)

Bottom Three

Siobhan “Power Note” Magnus

Michael “Power Lift” Lynche

Casey “Power Hair” James

Bottom Two

The Glassblower

The Guy Who Removed His Shirt at His Audition


Siobhan Magnus