By Kate Ward
April 27, 2010 at 05:14 PM EDT

Image Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC; Monty Brinton/CBSDonald Trump has never been one to shy away from controversy. (See this.) So it’s not all too shocking that the Celebrity Apprentice star has decided to run his mouth during Emmy season, criticizing his main competitor in the Outstanding Reality-Competition Program category: The Amazing Race, the CBS series that has taken home the Emmy seven years in a row — every single year since the category was introduced in 2003. “It’s a shame that Amazing Race keeps winning, because it doesn’t deserve to win it,” The Donald told The Hollywood Reporter, surely at a loud volume, since he suffers from voice immodulation. “It wins every year because they know how to politic the Emmys.”

Now, I’m not going to get into the politics of Emmy voting, since I can’t say what goes on behind closed doors, but I do agree that the same show winning every year gets a little old. (How Survivor has been shafted after several great seasons — Micronesia, hello?! — is beyond me.) That’s not saying I think Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice should pick up the win, since I would have a hard time handing an Emmy off to a show that operates off The Donald’s whims and really has no rules whatsoever. (Rod Blagojevich, however, certainly deserves some kind of Outstanding Reality-Competition Buffoon award, no?) But a little variety in the category would be nice.

And although The Amazing Race is a big hit and plenty of folks are no doubt happy to see it win all those awards, I think everyone can agree with The Donald on one point: The Emmys would be more appealing to viewers if the category wasn’t such a predictable one. “They’ve lost credibility,” he said, adding, “instead of shows that deserve to win, they pick Amazing Race. It’s a very sad commentary.” At this point, the ballot for my Emmy pool might as well come with The Amazing Race‘s box already checked off — wouldn’t the awards ceremony be more interesting if there was even a chance we could see an acceptance speech from Trump, Simon Cowell, or, heck, even Blago?

So, PopWatchers: Does Trump have a point, or should Amazing Race keep picking up the accolades?