If a Facebook movement can land Betty White a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, can it score William Shatner the role of Governor General of Canada? One fan, who has never met Shatner, nor knows if he has any desire to serve in politics, has started a page campaigning for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to nominate him when Michaëlle Jean relinquishes the title in September at the end of her five-year term. “The Governor General’s position is largely ceremonial and I can think of no Canadian who would possibly make the most of those grandiose moments as the great William Shatner,” the page reads. Okay, that is fairly convincing, at least to the roughly 36,000 people who have become fans of the page since March 22. So far, William Shatner has just joked about the campaign on Twitter, most recently replying to his supportive friend Leonard Nimoy, “I believe Governor General means you govern the generals. Does that make me part of the army? My best, Bill.” (If Shatner were to promise to sign all official documents “My best, Bill” like he does his tweets, I could get behind this if that S— My Dad Says pilot doesn’t get picked up.)

What’s the stupidest Facebook page you’ve fan’d, friends?