Move over Iron Man 2. Step aside Robin Hood. Back of the the line A-Team. I’ve just seen the trailer for the film that’s leap-frogged to the front of my summer must-see list — and it stars three of the pastiest Canadian dudes you’ll ever lay your eyes on. That’s right, I’m talking about Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage, an awesome-looking documentary of the prog maestros behind classics like “Tom Sawyer,” “Limelight,” and “Red Barchetta” — the unofficial soundtrack to every Dungeons & Dragons marathon of the past 30 years. You may also recall Paul Rudd and Jason Segel’s loving tribute to the band in last year’s I Love You, Man.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m old enough to have seen Geddy Lee and the boys back on the Signals tour. To this day, I can still remember how jacked I was watching Neal Peart’s ridiculous “YYZ” drum solo. And I’m sure if you were interested enough to click on this post, you probably have your own Rush story, too (why not share it below?). But before you do, put down your 8-sided dice and check out the trailer:

Now, I’m not sure if I completely buy the movie’s premise: that Rush is somehow an overlooked band. Sure, critics hated them. But they’re hardly obscure. They’re RUSH for crying out loud! Still, it’s nice to see the band get the feature film treatment. And it’s also nice to see folks like Billy Corgan and Gene Simmons serve up some props. I’ll be there on opening day in my mothball-eaten Signals t-shirt. Who’s with me?