By Michael Ausiello
April 26, 2010 at 02:51 PM EDT

Image Credit: Mike Yarish/FoxHouse‘s season 6 finale airs in less than a month, so what better time to get executive producer Katie Jacobs on the horn for a quick status report on Huddy, Luddy, and all things in between? That was meant as a rhetorical question but I’ll go ahead and answer it anyway: There is no better time, silly!

Last year at this time, House was exhibiting the early signs of a complete mental breakdown. What’s his emotional journey as this season winds down?

KATIE JACOBS: Considering the fact that he’s not on Vicodin, things have been going as well as they could possibly go. He’s living with Wilson, and I think that’s helpful. And he’s really making an effort to hold it together. It sort of seems like in every episode there’s a new revelation about how well he really is doing. How is he faring just taking ibuprofen for the pain? Is that working? In episode 17 he was stuck in that room for two hours with David Strathairn and we found out he is in pain. And from now until the end of the season, there’s going to be something that challenges House’s [sobriety] in almost every episode.

Wilson’s ex-wife returning being one of those things?

JACOBS: Yes. If that relationship progresses to the point where they want to live together, what does that mean for House? Does he stay or does he go? Also, some things from [his] past are going to come back and maybe present themselves as an opportunity for him to connect to someone else, and it’s not going to work out so well. Everybody but House is sort of taking a step toward, coupling up or at least trying to. Wilson with Sam, Cuddy with Lucas, and earlier in the season there was Foreman with his brother. And little by little House is going to find that he’s pretty much on his own again.

Let’s talk about the Huddy of it all. Back in February, David Shore confirmed that House and Cuddy would eventually hook up. Fans, of course, are growing impatient.

JACOBS: I understand the fans’ point of view, but the relationship between Cuddy and Lucas offers Cuddy some really important things: companionship, shared responsibility of Rachel, and they have a nice time together. What I think fans are responding to is that they don’t feel that relationship provides everything Cuddy can have. I would say watch for [an answer to this question]: Is that relationship going to work for Cuddy? Because it’s a lot of good things but it’s not everything. But no relationship is. How long will that work for Cuddy? Will it work permanently or will it not work?

I can’t tell you how many emails I receive a day from fans who just want Lucas gone.

JACOBS: They don’t want her to settle for anyone less than House. And that’s something she has to wrestle with. Is this really going to work for her? Is this going to be the relationship? And we know that’s on everyone’s minds. It’s on our minds as well.

Would it be fair to say she’s going to come to some sort of decision about that before the end of the season?

JACOBS: It’s addressed, so far as, “Okay, am I going to make this work with Lucas? Can I stay with Lucas?” It is going to be addressed by the end of the season whether or not she thinks she can.

You hinted earlier that someone from House’s past comes back. Is it a former love?

JACOBS: I won’t address that. But I will say that one of the things that we haven’t shown, but that’s been ongoing, is his treatment with Dr. Nolan [Andre Braugher]. Just because he’s been out of the hospital doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have regular therapy session. We haven’t shown that, and you’ll see that.

Thirteen and Taub’s three-year fellowships are due to expire at season’s end. Will that be addressed?

JACOBS: Boy, you’re so smart. I don’t know. I really don’t know. I will say there’s a mystery at the end of this season with one of our characters. Oh, that’s so vague.

Can you be a little more specific?

JACOBS: [Hesitates] In the final episode there’s an unanswered question with one of our actors and it’s a mystery that will play out over next season.

Yikes! Who do you think Jacobs is referring to? And care to weigh in on Cuddy’s big season-ending decision? Hit the comments!

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