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Washington State residents have a new enticement to buy a Lotto ticket, especially if they're indie rock fans: Starting today, Washington's Lottery will air an ad featuring a brand-new tune from Grizzly Bear. We here at the Music Mix love the Grizzly Bear almost as much as Jay-Z does, so we're pleased to premiere the spot right here after the jump.

It's a cool, trippy clip, no surprise given the level of talent involved. Ad agency Cole & Weber United hired auteur Patrick Daughters, who previously helmed Grizzly Bear's "Two Weeks" video, to direct. Michael Rooney, the man behind (500) Days of Summer's beloved Hall & Oates dance sequence, handled the choreography. And of course there's that perfectly lovely new Grizzly Bear tune. "It was a sunny day/I was on my way," Ed Droste sings over folky instrumentation as we see a young woman's life instantly transformed by a lottery ticket. "Dreaming of something more/My thoughts began to soar…" Keyboards joyously join the arrangement, and one starts to think that this song could have fit comfortably on Yellow House or Veckatimest. If only it didn't end after 60 seconds!

Between this and the Volkswagen "Two Weeks" spot that debuted during the Super Bowl, Grizzly Bear seem like the go-to band for advertisers seeking a hip soundtrack. Watch the new Washington's Lottery ad after the jump and let us know what you think.

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