By Margaret Lyons
Updated July 29, 2020 at 06:47 PM EDT

Image Credit: Jordin Althaus/NBCI am so ready for Chuck to return tonight — the weeks off have been total torture. (Ausiello recently upgraded the show’s chances of renewal to “a safe bet,” or else I’d really be in a panic.) We have six more episodes this season, including tonight’s, and I have assembled a wishlist. Here’s what I’m hoping happens before the end of the season:

1. So much cutesy Chuck and Sarah that I get tired of it

Haha, that could never happen. I will never max out on this couple.

2. More Morgan

I recently discovered some Chuckleheads don’t like Morgan that much. What, do we all hate beer now and think cherry Italian ice is overrated? Get with the program, kids! Morgan rules.

3. Solid Ellie stories

I like Ellie, I really do (although on some level, Sarah Lancaster will always be Madison from Everwood for me). But her storylines only hit about half the time, and she sometimes seems a little too earnest and naive. More substance for Ellie, please.

4. A creative, all-out action sequence

Nothing has topped the Sarah-in-a-car fight for me:

I like the situational hand-to-hand combat sequences way more than the “and then everything exploded!” stuff, plus it fits more with Chuck‘s brains-and-brawn identity. Bring on the punching!

5. Jeffster!

Okay, that one’s sort of cheating: [SPOILERS] we know there’s going to be some Jeffster. I would have wished for it anyway, though.

Your turn, PopWatchers: What’s on your Chuck wishlist?