Image Credit: Everett Collection MTV has up an interview with Ridley Scott that reveals some tasty nuggets about the director's planned prequel to his classic 1979 thriller Alien. He's still nailing down the screenplay, but the story is set 30 years before the original, and will attempt to explain what the "space jockey" aliens were from the first movie. Alien star Sigourney Weaver won't be involved as yet — her character wasn't even born when the new story takes place — but Scott does drop the tantalizing hint that the prequel, at least at this early point, will star a woman.

I hope this holds true as the project moves towards production. I frankly couldn't picture an Alien movie that starred a man. Part of Alien's and its equally-excellent sequel Aliens' undeniable appeal was the experience of having such superior thrillers so casually headlined by a woman. It's true not many actresses can summon Sigourney Weaver's authority and all-around badass-ness, but I really think any future Alien endeavors would lose something for me if they didn't star a woman. Am I wrong on this? Being too knee-jerk? And…am I setting the bar too high for Scott? Because I'll be honest: I'm having a hard time coming up with a twentysomething actress working today who might have the chops for it. Can you think of one?

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