Image Credit: Kevin Parry/WireImage.comPut on your bowtie and grab a serving dish. To celebrate the return of Starz’ Party Down, the Paley Center hosted a screening and panel for the show on April 21. Entertainment Weekly intern Vlada Gelman was there to talk to the stars about what’s coming up in season 2 (premiering tonight) and who’s coming back (hint: one’s a former teen detective, the other is now a cheerleading coach).

* A series about catering special events definitely lends itself to guest stars galore. Among the faces popping up: Rachael Harris, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Tom Lennon, Loretta Devine, Paul Scheer, Andre Royo, J.K. Simmons, Joey Lauren Adams, and Steve Guttenberg.

* Kristen Bell returns on June 4 as Uda, Henry’s (Adam Scott) girlfriend and the head of rival Valhalla Catering, which will be catering Party Down’s company picnic. “You do get a taste of their relationship,” Scott previews. “She’s 100 percent in the driver’s seat of the relationship. It comes at a time when Henry is deciding to take the reins of his life a little more and figure out what he’s actually wanting to do.”

* The company picnic also forces Kyle (Ryan Hansen) and Roman (Martin Starr) to find some common ground. “They help each other out a little bit,” reveals Hansen. “They kind of stick up for each other.”

* With Henry and Uda dating, Casey (Lizzy Caplan) will be forced to deal with her feelings for Henry. “I would like to say that she handles it gracefully, but she doesn’t really,” says Caplan. “She doesn’t go out of her way to sabotage that relationship, but she certainly makes fun of him for dating a loser.” Things will come to a head in the season finale, but in typical Party Down fashion, it’s not all kittens and rainbows. Teases Caplan: “Gotta end it on a sad note on Party Down.”

* The finale will feature the return of Jane Lynch when Party Down caters Constance’s wedding. Ken Marino, who directed the finale, describes her husband as “a Robert Evans type… He’s this old school, much older gentleman. His family thinks she’s just a golddigger, so there’s a little conflict there.” There’s also tension between Constance and her Party Down replacement, Lydia (Megan Mullally). Meanwhile, Kyle’s band Karma Rocket performs at the wedding and rumor has it a very special guest makes a cameo.

* Mullally, who describes her stage mom character as “a little clueless” and “extremely friendly,” says we’ll meet her daughter Escapade at the company picnic. She’ll sing the national anthem and “is actually quite good. [She] could be the next Hannah Montana.”

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