Model Naomi Campbell showcased her notorious temper when she abruptly ended her interview with ABC News and took a swipe at their camera after she was asked about an illegal “blood diamond” she allegedly received from accused war criminal Charles Taylor, former president of Liberia. In an unusual story, Campbell finds herself linked to Taylor’s international tribunal, currently taking place at The Hague, because actress Mia Farrow — yes, Mia Farrow — insists that Campbell bragged about the gemstone after they met Taylor on their joint trip to South Africa in 1997. ABC News reports that prosecutors for the UN-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone say Campbell has not cooperated with them in the Taylor case. For her part, Campbell denied ever receiving a diamond before shutting down the interview with ABC.

To be fair to Campbell, she sat with the ABC News reporter to discuss her charity efforts for Haitian relief, so the “blood diamond” questions were sure to be ill received. She was even half polite in disengaging from the interview, but her subsequent departing blow to the camera will surely add to her long list of infamous anger management episodes, even if it does make for fascinating TV viewing.