By Jeff Probst
Updated April 23, 2010 at 02:21 PM EDT

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First off, let me just say that I share your “speechlessness” regarding tonight’s episode. By the way, I love creating new words. Would someone please add “speechlessness” to the Survivor dictionary or at least Wikipedia. Because after tonight, I feel like all Survivor fans have just shared a bit of Survivor church. I am still in shock at how good this season is and I was out there shooting it!! Name another reality show having a better season than Survivor. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Okay, onto the blog…


Well for once this season, Rupert was actually right. Not only about the game getting “crazy…” but also his gut about whom to trust.. Sandra or JT? He was spot on in choosing to believe Sandra. Then again, it was more of a lucky guess than anything else.

Imagine having to make that choice. Russell or Sandra.

It’s very easy to know the right choice when you’re sitting at home with that big bag of Doritos in your lap, your fingers orange from the artificial flavoring. But imagine having to choose between trusting Russell or Sandra without any outside help.

What a choice. They are two of the craftiest players in the game, both of whom are capable of lying with absolute conviction. I can see why Rupert believed Sandra and I can see why JT did not.


Once again Colby drops out of another challenge. I think he has been one of the biggest surprises and many would probably say one of the biggest disappointments of this season. But the truth is it just shows you how unpredictable this game can be and how big of a factor luck can play in how long you last. The challenges this season have not played to Colby’s strengths so he has struggled. The alliance he chose didn’t last, so he has struggled. Because he has struggled, his attitude has waned from wanting to quit to fightin to stay alive. Survivor is not an easy game to play.

This challenge certainly favored women as we witnessed with Danielle, Parvati and Candice battling in the end. I do not understand why Candice stepped out of the challenge. Even after questioning her at the challenge it still makes no sense. Immunity is everything in this game. She had a very good chance of winning. I do not understand why you would step down at this point in the game. I really think Candice is in a good position to go deep in the game right now but her logic in this situation really baffles me.

Not only did she give up personal immunity for herself, but in stepping down she gave immunity to someone from the Villain tribe which gave the Heroes one less person to vote for at Tribal Council. Add in the two immunity idols that Parvati had and the Heroes really had no chance at Tribal.


Once again Rupert’s observation was spot on. Noticing how easily Parvati, a true competitor, agreed to bow out of the challenge raised a big red flag to Rupert. She must have immunity otherwise she would never step down.

He was right. Parvati had immunity. Here’s another question I have – and maybe my logic doesn’t make sense as I am literally thinking about it only while I’m sitting in my home office – but since the Heroes knew that Parvati had an idol, why didn’t their thinking continue to the point of realizing that Russell was also lying. He had said that Parvati played an idol, right? Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but seems to me Russell may have dodged another bullet tonight. He was a sitting duck.


In case you’re wondering, my office is pretty small. It’s not connected to my house either. It has hardwood floors that I had to replace about three years ago after a particularly wet winter. I have a poster from a movie I wrote and directed, “Finder’s Fee.” I have a poster from a show I created and hosted, “Live For The Moment” that nobody watched so it’s off the air. I have two very old paintings from one of my grandpa’s. I have a flat screen that my brother mounted on the wall that I never watch and wish wasn’t there. I have an old grandfather clock, a few photos from Survivor, some photos of friends and a few trinkets from my travels. Now you know.


You knew it was coming. It was only a matter of time. Two former allies come together again with one major question on everybody’s mind. Will they partner or will they battle. I’m so happy they didn’t partner last night. It’s time they battled. I hope it continues. I will admit that I loved that Amanda betrayed Parvati. She just scored points in my book. Not because I’m rooting against Parvati, simply because I like seeing Amanda really step up. It’s about damn time. Parvati didn’t buy it and that’s why Parvati is neck and neck with Amanda in terms of days played in this game. Amanda’s tell is when she starts feigning “the weight of the world” on her shoulders. “I’m so confused. My head hurts.” Ah, she was doing so well until she gave it away. Make no mistake, Amanda is a big part of the reason tonight’s vote went down the way it did.


Now let’s get to the good stuff! Russell is a great player who is making potentially disastrous mistakes because of good ole hormones. Say what you want, tell me I’m wrong, I remain convinced that he is doing this because of Parvati’s flirtatious ways.

He would not give that idol to Sandra, even if Sandra was in his alliance. He wouldn’t give it to Danielle who IS in his alliance. He wouldn’t give it to anybody else, but for a second time… he gave it to Parvati…with no idea she already had one of her own.

Parvati is ballsy, right? Wow. She is knowingly double-crossing the one guy everybody else fears. You know what that tells me? She’s not afraid. Parvati is extremely confident. She smelled Amanda’s bullsh*t and she doesn’t fear Russell’s. Could Parvati win this game again? Maybe. Or maybe by me suggesting it, it means she won’t. Or maybe I just gave away that she did. Could Sandra win this game? Jerri? What about Rupert? Danielle? Amanda? Candice? Colby? JT? (Oops, sorry JT). Did I miss anybody?


It was an excellent tribal council because we have amazing players left in the game. The many layers of strategy that played out last night was fascinating. But the highlight of the night and one of the stand out highlights in a season filled with them came at the hands of Parvati.

It was one of the biggest moves ever and certainly the biggest of this season thus far.

The reactions as she passed out the first… and then the second idol were as good as it gets on Survivor. This is how you play Survivor. Full tilt boogie. Parvati just made it into the Survivor Hall of Fame.


Oh, there will be a big aftermath with Russell and Parvati. You saw him mouth to her at Tribal, “You got some explaining to do.” Russell does not suffer fools lightly, especially when he is his own fool. He’s mad. Burn your house down mad. This will be their first lovers quarrel. Yes, I know they’re not technically lovers, but in the game of Survivor, they’re more than lovers, they’re married and this will result in a major spat.

The question is will it destroy their alliance or will Parvati be able to salvage it. Any bets?


I respect JT for one simple reason. The handshake with Russell. It was classy. He got played and he knew it. Instead of pouting he acknowledged the move and with his head held high, left the game. JT went out with a bang for sure. Many will say he made the dumbest move in the history of Survivor, but in my book it’s how you finish and JT finished strong.


I have a great job.

See ya next week.