Image Credit: Walter McBride / Retna Ltd.The cast and house band of the new American Idiot musical are doing their best to approximate the full Green Day experience for Broadway audiences every night. As last night’s show-goers learned, though, nothing beats the real thing. An EW staffer who was in attendance reports that after the final curtain call, all three actual members of Green Day climbed out of their seats in the audience and took the stage for a quick surprise set of “American Idiot” and “Basket Case.” The cast members were as psyched as anyone — one actor even stage-dived into a little crowd surfing. Sounds pretty fun.

Check out a brief, grainy YouTube clip of the excitement after the jump. Were any of you there for this? Does the (admittedly slight) possibility that Green Day might pull something like this again make you want to buy a ticket to American Idiot on Broadway?

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