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Summit definitely saved the best for last when it came to the Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailers. Oprah Winfrey has the newest reveal on her show today. (Watch it below.) Thoughts:

• It’s definitely the most action-packed trailer we’ve ever seen for a Twilight film and, possibly, the first one that could get boyfriends to believe that the third film isn’t just about the love triangle. Pass this link around, ladies.

• Scary people/creatures emerging from the water is always cool, no matter how many times you’ve seen it before. Victoria’s young vampire army is no exception.

• Look at Jasper getting a close-up? And for once, we’re not laughing at the face he makes.

• The tree skipping shots better look better on the big screen.

• Did Carlisle always have that much of an accent?

• Slo-mo wolf attack! How much of the mauling do you actually want to see?

• Only one shirtless shot of Taylor Lautner. I like the restraint.


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