April 22, 2010 at 12:00 PM EDT

SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to know who went home on tonight’s Survivor, take your bananas, and run far, far away from here! If you want to know, click on…One day, J.T. decided to write a letter to Russell. Russell, it read, do you like me? Circle Yes or No. That same day, Russell took that note, crumpled it up, and laughed menacingly as he prepared his plans to break J.T.’s heart. And last night, after Jeff read J.T.’s name as the latest eliminated survivor, Russell turned to the Southern boy and said, “Hey, J.T. Guess what? I circled ‘No.'” Then, as J.T. dejectedly turned away, Russell slapped him on the back and said, “It’s all good, man. I still love you.” J.T.’s stance brightened a bit, and as he walked out of tribal, a “Kick Me” sign attached to his back was seen waving in the wind.

Okay, so none of that really happened. But J.T. did indeed play the part of the dunce tonight, trusting the Villain tribe’s least trustworthy member, Russell, after the merge. But J.T. wasn’t the only one to make questionable moves tonight: Parvati played very dangerously — and I’d argue, stupidly — opting out early of an immunity challenge when she should have pretended to be trying, and playing both her immunity idols when she wasn’t in danger of elimination. (Essentially, she pulled a reverse James.) Also unclear: Why Russell didn’t choose to vote for Parvati at tribal when he knew she was going to play the idol, just so he could continue playing both sides for another week.

But you’ll read all about it in my recap posting later. (UPDATE: Click over now to read Kate Ward’s detailed Survivor recap.) In the meantime, let’s chat about J.T.’s ouster. (And check out this good-bye from J.T. below.) Who’s sad? Happy? Turned on by Coach’s bare chest?

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