Hold onto your glasses — Seth Rogen is going 3-D. Not only did Rogen transform himself physically to take on the superhero Green Hornet, but his movie will now be transformed as well — into 3-D. Sony Pictures announced today that it will shift its holiday superhero movie from its Dec. 22 date to the Martin Luther King Day holiday weekend of Jan. 14, in order to have time to convert the film successfully into the extra dimension.

Sony vice-chairman Jeff Blake made it very clear that this is no last-minute conversion, à la Clash of the Titans. Rather, the movie, from director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), just completed principal photography and has yet to be edited. Also, the special effects for the film haven’t even begun. Gondry, asserts Blake, is excited about the film’s 3-D prospects and shot the movie with a depth and scope that lends itself to 3-D.

The move to January gets Green Hornet out of the crowded winter 3-D corridor, when films such as Disney’s Tron and Warner Bros.’s Yogi Bear will battle for the limited 3-D screens. Fox’s Gulliver’s Travels will also open during the holiday season in 3-D.

As part of the date shifting, Sony is also moving Screen Gems’ Priest off its Jan. 14 date and into March.