By Mandi Bierly
April 22, 2010 at 01:55 PM EDT

Image Credit: DreamWorksThe stars of Shrek Forever After premiered their 3D film at the Tribeca Film Festival Wednesday. Trailer Addict caught up with them and while Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers spoke eloquently about the evolution of the story over four movies and how it’s allowed fans to grow attached to the characters, it was Eddie Murphy and director Mike Mitchell who got me thinking that said attachment might result in some tears as we watch Shrek experience what life would be like if he were just a regular old ogre again — and none of his friends knew him. Mitchell talks about using 3D to fade Shrek into the distance when Donkey walks away from him to enhance the feeling of loneliness. Okay, maybe that won’t be enough to make me well up, but if he were to, say, put an inset of Puss ‘N Boots’ sad eyes in the corner of the screen at that moment, I’d be done for. It’d be like an equal but opposite emotional response to the little girl saying “Kitty” at the end of Monsters, Inc.