By Ken Tucker
Updated April 22, 2010 at 04:03 PM EDT

Vice President Joe Biden visited The View this morning, and the gals said security was tight backstage. Elisabeth Hasselbeck revealed that the government security team was “wanding” almost everyone, but told her she could pass through uninspected. Hasselbeck said she declared, “No, I’m a Republican, you should totally wand me.”

The wily Hasselbeck brought up the lack of civility in recent political discourse — the example of South Carolina Republican House member Joe Wilson shouting “You lie!” in the Senate was cited — only to zing Biden by saying, “You threw the f-bomb.” Biden said he was “embarrassed” by the moment that occurred during the signing of the health-care bill.

Biden added that President Obama was “laughing like the devil” afterward about Biden’s gaffe.

The vice president also said, when asked about Sarah Palin, that she’s “a charming person…. I like her.”

Barbara Walters had to ask a few of her serious-reporter questions about Iran that didn’t yield anything we haven’t heard before, and the rest of the appearance was devoted to more View-like material, such as birthday girl Sherri Shepherd asking Biden why he had to ask his wife, Jill, to marry him five times before she agreed. He said something genially vague about how she was eight years younger than him and that perhaps that contributed to her reluctance.

Ever since Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who appeared on The View earlier this week, disclosed that guests are told all the questions the hosts will ask in advance, I figured there was no way Biden would commit any of the verbal blunders about which people love to tweak him. This proved to be the case.

All in all? “You’re a pretty cool guy,” concluded Hasselbeck.