By Brad Wete
Updated April 22, 2010 at 04:48 PM EDT

Image Credit: Double Negative/Marvel; Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.comThe late Adam Goldstein, better known as turntable extraordinaire DJ A.M., is featured in this summer’s highly anticipated blockbuster Iron Man 2. The Los Angeles Times reports that the DJ shot his part in the film last spring, months before the 36-year-old died of an accidental overdose in August. “We tried to make it respectful,” director Jon Favreau told the Times. “And for people who know him, they’ll get a kick out of it and for people who don’t, it will sort of slide by without much notice.”

The scene, apparently, features A.M. scratching at Tony Stark’s house party. 2Pac’s “California Love” plays before the function gets ugly and Starks asks A.M. for, “a fat beat.” We’ll all get a chance to see what follows when it hits theaters on May 7.

Though some might scoff at A.M.’s inclusion, let’s hope no one labels this a shameless ploy to get more folks in the theaters, especially since Favreau got the blessing of several of A.M.’s friends and family members. (And since when has Tony Stark needed help attracting an audience?) It’s a pretty classy move if you ask me. Favreau could have easily opted to dropped the scene, or nabbed another musician for the cameo, but he’s granting A.M.’s fans another opportunity to watch their man spin the wheels of steel on what might be his biggest stage ever. (Another classy move: The film is dedicated to A.M.) Seems like it will be a fitting tribute, without being hokey.

What do you think? Would you be distracted seeing A.M. on screen? Or glad to see the musician one last time?

Iron Man 2

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